Castagneto Carducci agricultural centre of medieval origin


Castagneto Carducci is an agricultural centre of medieval origin, located 190 m above sea level which is about 6 km away; it still preserves the streets of the ancient village, dotted with signs of a prestigious past: coats of arms, capitals, arches and remarkable decorations of historical and architectural interest.

From the town you can cast your eyes across towards the slope to the brief plain as far as the sea and islands; the surrounding area is an agricultural landscape of olive groves, chestnut woods and vineyards so much
so that there is an itinerary called:”The Wine Route”.Those who pass along the Via Bolgheri, the most important stop on the itinerary, cannot help but linger over the vineyards of”Sassicaia” and ” Ornellaia” which have become the most famous wines in Italy and some of the most appreciated in the world.

The land of Castagneto Carducci is particularly dedicated to the production of excellent wine; the unusual micro- climate and soil characteristics which make Castagneto resemble areas historically known for their quality wines, such as the Medoc, have contributed to the fame achieved today by the wines produced in the area by the various wine companies working there.

The first part of research essential for the economic and productive development of the wine industry was recently completed: the zoning of the municipality, commissioned to identify the potential of the different soil environments and the main grape varieties.

These wines and other less famous ones but of equally exceptional quality blend well with the local cuisine, rich in flavours and ancient smells of tasty and wholesome products which have remained unchanged over time.

These lands combine history and legends, stories and episodes that stimulate the imagination of villagers from one generation to another; so everything is so well blended that it seems true even in the eyes of the tourist who is fascinated by these unique landscapes filled with beauty. At just 5 km from Marina di Castagneto, along the old “Aurelia” towards the north, we find San Guido.

“I cipressi che a Bolgheri alti e schietti van da San Guido in duplice filar….” accompany tourists along the famous avenue praised by Carducci as far as Bolgheri, a small charming village where time truly seems to have stood still!

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